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Whole Spices

 Shama’s range of Whole Spices infuses your recipes with a complexity of flavour, aroma and presentation that elevates your daily meals from the routine to an experience that the entire family relishes. Shama Whole Spices are made available to you directly from the farm to your table. All our spices are available in easy-to-handle pouches and jars weighing from 100g to 800g.

Item NameSizePack Type
Cardamom Green100gPouches
Fennel Seed200gPouches
Cumin Seed200gPouches
Cinnamon Stick100gPouches
Mustard Seed200gPouches
Black Pepper Whole200gPouches
Chilli Round100gPouches
Coriander Whole200gPouches
Garam  Masala Whole100gPouches
Iran Saffron1gPouches
Iran Saffron2gPouches
Black Pepper Whole125gJars
Sweet Paprika125gJars
Sumac Powder445gJars
Thyme30 GmJars
Cumin Seed110gJars