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Arabic Blends

Shama creates the original tastes and flavours of Middle Eastern cuisine with its Arabic blends. From Bahraini and Omani Masalas to Soudi Kabsa, Shama uses only the purest spices in the whole form to impart the authentic nuances and notes to your preparation.

Arabic Blends include: 

Item NameSizePack Type
Bahrani Masala225gJars
Omani Masala225gJars
Arabic Bizar Red300gPouches
Arabic Bizar Green300gPouches
Soudi Kabsa225gJars
Arabic Chicken Masala225gJars
Arabic Fish Masala225gJars
Arabic Meat Masala225gJars
Arabic Prawn Masala225gJars
Ara Biriyani Masala225gJars