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Ground Spices

Shama’s Ground Spices are made with the freshest whole spices and ground in our state-of-the-art facility, to make sure that every pouch and jar of Shama Spices exudes that distinct pungency and aroma while preserving the essential oils and freshness of the final product. Our range of Ground Spices is available in pouches & jars from 65g to 800g.

Item NameSizePack Type
Turmeric Powder200gPouches
Turmeric Powder400gPouches
Chilli Powder200gPouches
Chilli Powder400gPouches
White Pepper Powder100gPouches
Black Pepper Powder200gPouches
Coriander Powder200gPouches
Coriander Powder400gPouches
Cumin Powder200gPouches
Garam  Masala Powder200gPouches
Ginger Powder200gPouches
Cinnamon Powder200gPouches
Garlic Powder200gPouches
Kashmiri Chilli Powder200gPouches
Sumac Powder200gPouches
Lemon Salt200gPouches
Turmeric Powder120gJars
Chilli Powder100gJars
Kashmiri Chilli Powder100gJars
Black Pepper Powder145g(Btl)Jars
Coriander Powder80gJars
Cumin Powder110gJars
Garam  Masala Powder115gJars
Curry Powder100g(Btl)Jars
Cardamom Powder65gJars
Chilli Crushed80gJars