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Shama brings a selection of authentic Indian pulses and lentils. From Tool Dal to White Chickpeas and Red Kidney Beans, Shama’s range of pulses is appreciated by the discerning customers of the Middle East. 

The pulses available under the Shama umbrella are Toor Dal, Masoor Dal, Urid Dal, Moong Dal, Moong Whole Dal, Chana Dal, White Chick Peas, Black Chickpeas, Red Kidney Beans and Black Eyed Beans. 

Shama Pulses are available in these packs:

PulsesAvailable PackagingWeight
Masoor DalPouches400 g & 800 g
Urid DalPouches400 g & 800 g
MoongPouches400 g & 800 g
Chana DalPouches400 g & 800 g
Black Eyed BeansPouches400 g & 800 g
Black ChickpeasPouches400 g & 800 g
Red Kidney BeansPouches400 g & 800 g
White ChickpeasPouches400 g & 800 g
Whole DalPouches400 g & 800 g
Moong DalPouches400 g & 800 g
Toor DalPouches400 g & 800 g