Industrial Solutions

Shama’s R & D

Shama is constantly innovating to bring out the best products to satisfy the demands of our customers. The IFFCO Global Research & Development Centre is well-equipped and is at par with the finest R & D labs in the world

Shama R & D Facilities are equipped with:

·         World class, well equipped laboratories

·         Rapid response product development teams

·         A strong product application team including culinary chefs

·         A specialized development team

·         Best-in-class pilot plants, test kitchen and application laboratory

·         Dedicated team of 29 staff including scientists, food technologists and engineers


The needs of our customers drive us in all that we do. Shama’s Spice Blending is in tune with this philosophy.

The R & D Team works to create products which are consistent in flavour, texture, aroma and appearance, bringing them all together to create Spice Blends which accentuates the flavours of any dish it is added to. We constantly strive to create innovative products to cater to the tastes of our customer base across the Middle East.

Our seasoning solutions and spice blends are made with carefully chosen spices and herbs in our state-of-the art in-house blending factory, to create products which are above industry standards. The entire blending process is supervised from start to finish for a perfect blend. From choosing the spices, cleaning, roasting, pre-cutting, crushing and grinding to packaging for retail and bulk quantities.

We can custom create any seasoning blend for the food service sector and industrial food manufacturing segment across the MENA region, to bring out products that match the evolving trends and tastes of your customer bases. Shama’s blending capabilities allow us to craft specialized blends for you. No matter what the requirement, we can develop the perfect flavour profile to meet your unique need. Our in-house blending facilities ensure that your custom-created spice blend will stand apart from your competition.