Industrial Solutions

Industrial Customer Solutions

Shama provides end-to-end solutions for Industrial Customers to help build their business and satisfy their customers’ needs and demands.

Shama offers product solutions to Industrial customers of the likes of:

  • Private labels
  • Fresh Food Manufacturers
  • Frozen Food Manufacturers
  • Snacks Manufacturers
  • Industrial Kitchens


Shama also partners with major retailers to provide them with their private labels and brands of spices. Shama specializes in providing customized product solutions with Standard & Customized Spice Blends & Recipe Mixes. We ensure that every product meets the required specifications on product quality and packaging parameters and brand guidelines are also strictly adhered to.

The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Shama has an automated packaging capability to produce packaging of the following formats:

  • Sachets (0.5 gm to 20 gm)
  • Pouches (100 gm to 2 kg)
  • Bulk Bags (5kg to 25kg)
  • Bottles with labeling and sleeve wrapping capability (50 gm to 500gm)