Quality Standards

The Shama Quality

Keeping in mind, the health and wellbeing of every family across the Middle East, the entire range of spices and pulses from Shama are vetted thoroughly from the source to your dinner table.

In every step of the process, Shama exceeds the benchmarks of quality and 100% purity. Undoubtedly, Shama owes its current growth dynamics to its deep-rooted commitment in setting new standards of excellence and exceeding it every single time. Shama respects the fact that spices and pulses are products used by families, everyday, and placing the welfare of the consumer on par with the growth of the company.

Quality Systems

Shama has set a strict production framework that ingrains high-quality standards at every level. Pursuing global quality standards in the purity of its products, Shama is a leader in spreading market awareness on relevant topics of spice adulteration. Shama ensures that our spices are sterilised and they also go through metal detectors to remove every trace of adulteration. 

Manufacturing Systems

“Excellence in Quality” is at the heart of Shama’s corporate philosophy.

  • All Shama products are processed and packaged using the most modern automated technology, all the while preserving the essential oils, freshness and distinct aroma of the final product.
  • The state-of-the art manufacturing facilities include Hot Air Oven, Color Tinto Meter, Grinder, Bulk Density Apparatus, Soxhlet and Vo Apparatus Sieve Shaker, Water Purification System and other equipment.


Shama’s processing units bear premier certifications and we make sure that our spices meet our high standards for flavour and quality. Shama has been accredited with:

  • HACCP quality certification from the British Standards Institute
  • FSSC (Food Safety System Certification)
  • Halal Certification

In house QA Labs

Every process is in strict adherence to the Shama Quality policy of excluding any extraneous matter from our products.

The Analytical laboratory has highly sensitive equipments like HPLC, Gas Chromatography, UV Spectrophotometer, LC MS/MS, LC DA, DSC, Supercritical extraction, Rancimat and NMR which are capable for performing a complete analysis of oils & fats, vitamins, minerals & other minor components in every product.

We take great care to ensure that our customers get the best quality and purity in all our products.

  • Our products are completely free of cancer-causing aflatoxins, microbes and heavy metals.
  • All the raw materials used are always sterilized before being processed. 
  • No artificial colour, preservatives or additives are used in the making of Shama spices and pulses.
  • Our in-house quality control labs conduct rigorous tests and checks to ensure that our products adhere to our stringent quality standards.